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It’s a lot easier to be angry at someone than it is to tell them you’re hurt. Tom Gates (via golden-needle)

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I just want to pour my soul out on someone and not have to worry about the mess I’ve made. Andrea Slicker  (via her0inchic)

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my sister asked what type of soup I was eating but I didnt know what to say because I had just poured orange juice into a bowl and was drinking it with a spoon

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And then suddenly I become sad for no reason, and it takes me days to get over that feeling. (via luxurae)

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For Women Who Apologize Too Much


Do not be sorry for your body. It is nothing to apologize or atone for.

Instead of simply labeling it as a natural disaster,

label it as a monsoon that brings powerful, beautiful changes

every season, a blizzard that destroys everything dangerous,

a volcanic eruption…

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